Head to Kamata Matsuya Curry

Let’s head to the store 160m from the west exit of JR Kamata Station.

Please come and think about what you want to eat. The landmark is the large handwritten Matsuya Curry sign.

Entered the store hungry

Choose your curry from the ticket vending machine
Choose your favorite curry and decide on the amount of rice.

Purchase a large curry roux of your choice for 120 yen or a beef tendon roux ticket for 150 yen.

*English menu also available

Water is self-service

Our store has introduced a kitchen order system.
Don’t worry, your order will be in the kitchen when you purchase your meal ticket.
After making preparations for the cooking, we will visit you to prepare medium-sized, large-sized portions, etc.

Water is self-service, so please take a seat.
At this time, pick up your favorite manga from the bookshelf.

Curry delivered to the table

Enjoy the addictive curry roux that you’ll never get tired of eating, and the harmonious combination of the toppings and rice that take so much time and effort to prepare.
If you run out of water, please use self-service.

Create your favorite taste with table-top seasonings!

In addition to spicy seasonings, we also offer a variety of seasonings that are perfect for changing tastes.
Add more curry to your desired spiciness and flavor.
However, some spicy seasonings are extremely spicy, so be careful not to add too much.


When you are satisfied, return the borrowed manga to its original position and leave the store.
We look forward to seeing you again!