Taste that has lasted since its founding

We continue to offer the same curry flavor inherited from the first generation.

Therefore, it is not a trendy spicy curry.
However, I think you will get addicted to the taste after trying it several times.
Since there is no curry roux, it goes well with a variety of toppings. You can freely adjust the spiciness for free.

Enjoy it with the toppings that have been carefully prepared.

Ueno Shuetsu’s Fukujinzuke

Our Fukujinzuke is from Ueno’s long-established shop “Shuetsu.”
Speaking of Shuetsu, it is the original shop that invented Fukujinzuke.

Seven types of vegetables (radish, cucumber, eggplant, rape bean, lotus root, perilla, and turnip) are pickled in this dish, and it was named Fukujinzuke after the Seven Lucky Gods. (There are various theories)

You can also adjust the spiciness for free.

Spicy is also free.
Please enjoy it with your favorite spiciness.
You can also use the seasonings on the table to make it taste the way you like it.

However, we do not have sweet, children’s curry, vegan, or halal menus.

There are many popular manga

We have a bookshelf full of manga books, and we are constantly adding new issues.
Maybe there’s that manga you wanted to read?

Some menu items may take some time to be ordered.
Feel free to pick up your favorite manga and read it while you wait.